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Detail your car, truck or boat from top to bottom, select a simple wash and wax, or choose something in-between. At Ballard Auto Detailing, we tailor our services to meet the specific needs of Pacific Northwest drivers.

In our part of the country water is everywhere. Often times it's contaminated. For example, when Seattle street spray evaporates from the surface of your car, it leaves behind minerals and dirt. Bird droppings and man-made pollutants are even worse.

Dirt and chemical contaminates saturate through wax and clear coatings into the color coat underneath your car's paint. Run a dry hand across the surface of your car. If it feels rough, it needs to be cleaned. There are two ways to clean unwanted environmental chemicals bonded to the paint; chemically or with good old fashioned elbow grease. Our expert detailers use both methods.

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clay bar

Even after a thorough wash, stubborn street grime, overspray and pollutants remain stuck to the surface of your vehicle. To dislodge these tiny particles and contaminants we massage the surface of your car with a fine grade clay bar. The clay bar gently removes all these tiny contaminates.

restoring clear coat

Next, we polish all the painted surfaces with carnauba wax. Carnauba wax, known as the "queen of waxes" comes from a palm grown in northeast Brazil. It restores your car's silky smooth, showroom finish.

We apply this special wax using a dual-action orbital polisher. We use a dual action polisher because standard orbitals leave swirl marks. You may not notice the swirl marks at first, but if you don't use a dual-action polisher, they'll eventually appear, especially on black cars.

If a customer requests it, we apply a durable clear coat sealant to lock in the shine and protect the finish.

Unlike some detailers, we never use cotton or terry cloth towels when hand washing your vehicle because they can damage a car's finish; we only use "paint safe" microfibers and delicate foams during every stage of the detailing process.

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volvo logo Volvo XC70 Headlights

headlight before and after cleaningEven in cloudy Seattle plastic headlight lenses tend to get hazy or yellow over time. Ultra-violet light is usually to blame. The UV attacks the plastic lens coating creating tiny pits in the plastic. We perceive the pock marks as a cloudy film.

There are all kinds of DIY techniques on the web for restoring a hazy headlight lens. Some work, others are a waste of time, still others may damage the plastic lenses.

We've perfected a surefire technique to safely clean and seal cloudy headlight lenses. Here's a before and after example.


black Tesla Model S

detailing tesla

Washington State boasts the highest percentage of electronic vehicles on the road according to the automotive website Edmunds.com.

Tesla sales are just as striking; only California, Texas and Florida rank above Washington State in Tesla sales.

Here's a Tesla Model S we recently detailed. It's a pleasure working on luxury models such as the Tesla! If you're a Tesla owner be sure to bring yours in when it's time for thorough clean and polish.


black Black Finishes Don't Scare Us!

black cars

Black cars and trucks can be extremely difficult to detail. Dark finishes magnify hairline cracks, dings and flaws. Some outfits charge extra to detail black cars, trucks and SUVs; others run and hide the instant they see one.

That's not us! We love the challenge. And our reputation is growing; as soon as one black car leaves our shop another one shows up! While our techniques are not patented, they've been classified Top Secret by the US Department of Transportation. Okay, that last part isn't true. What is true — we welcome any vehicle with a dark finish and we'll detail it better than anybody without charging you extra.


skunkDon't Just Mask Odors – Eliminate Them

auto shocker

Remember the Seinfeld episode when Jerry couldn't get rid of the stink inside his car? He should have stopped by Ballard Auto Detailing for a single dose of Odor 1.

Odor 1 is a non-toxic, eco-friendly way to neutralize odors inside a car. All you do is pop it open inside the car, follow the simple instructions and walk away for a few hours.

Ask for the Odor 1 treatment when you drop off your car ot truck. You can also buy a tub from our shop and do-it-yourself. No joke; this stuff really works. We could have saved Jerry and George a lot of trouble and expense.


tahoe carpet Reconditioning Automotive Carpets

tahoe carpet clean

When the owner of a 2004 GMC Tahoe ordered a new set of leather car seat covers from Mac's Upholstery, he wondered if it was a good time to replace the carpet and mats.

Since Mac's installs new automotive carpet sets all the time, it made sense. But, after disassembling the seats, they discovered these carpets weren't all that bad. They were just filthy and stained in places. Rather than installing an expensive new carpet set, they called us.

We pulled the carpet then thoroughly cleaned and conditioned all the sections. After reinstalling the set, it was hard to tell the difference between the restored carpet and a brand new one. Best of all, we saved the truck owner hundreds of dollars!


tahoe carpet Removing Embedded Dog Hair with Pumice

pumice removes dog hair

Huskies (of the canine variety) are notorious shedding machines. Most of them dump bushels of fur a couple of times a year – once in the spring and once in the fall.

Removing embedded dog hair from cloth upholstery is next to impossible. We've found the best method is raking the area with a pumice stone and a powerful vacuum.

By the way, the Husky in the above pic is named Kisha. Like all Huskies, she has a quirky personality. Kisha sometimes sleeps on her back. We're not sure why. She's also quite a talker (click here). Kisha makes regular appearances at the Mac's Upholstery office. She accepts treats, in case you're wondering.

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